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We're Stronger Together

From Initial Inspiration

Song ideas strike as quick as lightning. A chord progression, voice melody, a unique phrase... We've gotten good with identifying and capturing this magic.


Making a good song, great takes skill and teamwork.
We know how to facilitate songwriting and music production projects

Star Quality

We make music for artists who want platinum success.
This is the primary way to maintain longevity in the music industry.

Success in the music industry requires a good team, and we can be that MVP who can help you win!

The artists you see on TV and hear on the radio, didn't get where they are by themselves. Talent alone doesn't make hits, and even if you are an independent artist, you need a good team that will challenge you to grow and improve your artistry and music business. We have the expertise & resources to take your music to the next level.

Here's how we can help

  • Learn how to collaborate and cowrite songs with us without losing all of your copyright
  • Learn how to take your song from initial idea, to produced master, to public release.
  • Select a great song to complete your EP or Album
Femal Artist with Guitar and Team Members

African American Male Singer


Review our song use and cowriting opportunities.
Need a great song? We've got one!


Cowrite a song with us and be a credited author/owner not a work for hire that loses all copyrights.

See how we're different.